Eric Brossier sailing VAGABOND

Polar expeditions aluminium sailboat

Vagabond, un voilier pour vos expéditions !


"Vagabond" is a polar expeditions sailboat. Since 2000, her captain, Eric Brossier transformed the ship into a really efficient logistical support for polar activities, moving base camp for scientists, sportsmen or artists who need to stay in the polar zones.







In order to properly carry out their scientific missions, Eric Brossier and his partner France Piczon du Sel have been living for fourteen years in the Far North. The births of their two daughters – Léonie, 6 years old and Aurore 4 years old  – did not change their way of life.
« Now, France spends more time with the girls and less time to work on our scientific projects. Léonie has been going to school with the Inuits children for 2 years now, and Aurore should go with her sister within this year », says Éric Brossier.



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