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  • Happy New Year for 2024 !
    Our offices will be closed from the 22nd of december until the 2nd of january 2024.
  • Grand Pavois La Rochelle AYC
    GRAND PAVOIS 2023 - La Rochelle
    Mathieu LARONDE will be at the La Rochelle Grand Pavois 2023. He will be available upon request to talk about your voyage projects.
  • AYC at the Cannes Yachting Festival
    AYC at the Cannes Yachting Festival
    Thierry BALME will be at the Cannes Yachting Festival. He will be available upon request to talk about your voyage projects.
  • News from the OVNI 56 "Sailor & Lula"
    It's always a pleasure to receive beautiful postcards of our customers' voyages. Here are images of the adventures the OVNI 56 in Spitzbergen.
  • SALT 57
    This superb aluminium centerboarder will now sail with its new owner as a base for underwater shots.
  • Nemophys 50
    This aluminum travel cutter, will now sail to Cap Verde with her new owner,
  • Garcia 70
    The Garcia 70 back to sailing.
    After 2 years, the ISLANDER 55 Anabella is return to the water and will join her home port in Spain for family cruises in the Mediterranean.
  • New launching for the Carambola 38
    Eric and John, the former and new owners, re-launched Souimanga together.
  • On departure
    Two boats sold by AYC about to leave with their new owners.
  • Agreement between AYC and PORT ADHOC
    The exhibition area of AYC is being extended in Port Napoléon
  • The Vaton 54 is travelling!
    The Vaton 54 “Dear Noella” is back on sea water, enjoying family time at anchor in the Balearic.
  • AYC on Iphone & Androïd!
    Download the new AYC Iphone & Androïd App !*
  • SEAGLOO: Dreams and adventure for a party of good friends!
    SEAGLOO, a Maracuja sold by AYC in 2016, now enjoys the Bahamas.
  • KERABAN: a Cigale 16 in the Caribbean
    The Cigale 16 KERABAN, an aluminium sailing boat built by ALUBAT shipyard and sold in 2015 by AYC, cruising in the Caribbean.
  • CATANA 582: two success for AYC
    AYC International Yachtbrokers has set up two superb sales of catamarans in 2016.
  • Christian PICARD appointed at ALUBAT SHIPYARD
    Appointed on September,1st new CEO of ALUBAT Shipyard, Christian PICARD takes the challenge of boosting the sales of the famous Vendée shipyard specialized in aluminium boats
  • Oceanis 43 - AYC Yachtbroker
    Delivery of an Oceanis 43
    Delivery of an Oceanis 43 in Brittany, in Larmor-Plage to a Swiss purchaser.
  • Polar expeditions aluminium sailboat
    Eric Brossier & Vagabond
    "Vagabond" is a polar expeditions aluminium sailboat Eric Brossier bought in 2000 through AYC.


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