Some News from Doug on his Allures 40

June 2014, The Allures 40 "Arasec" has a new captain

This Allures 40 transmission between the former owner and her new captain has been a real pleasure. The language difference has never been a problem.


Passepartout (previously known as Arasec) just finished her first step of the indirect return travel to Australia with her new owners


Doug says  :



 In June she left Cherbourg bound for Pula in Croatia,
arriving there early October for winter on land. 
She had great sailing in France, Spain and Portugal
and entered the Mediterranean keen to see its beauty and calm waters



A month and a couple of storms later we had visited the Balearic Islands, Sicily arriving in Cavtat just south of Dubrovnik,
for a slow cruise up the Dalmatian coast.   

Next year is Greece, Turkey and back West, ready to head north again the following year.


Thanks Doug,  We wait news ...